Multi-Panel - Empty HandedStike & Multi-Panel - The Stars Misplaced vol 1.5

Multi-Panel's album Empty Handed!
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Stike & Multi-Panel's ep's The Stars Misplaced 1.0 & 1.5!
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This is the website of Multi-Panel (Ludo Maas)
Folk-electronic musician from Breda, the Netherlands
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"The album takes you on a journey to areas not yet discovered." (
"No singles, no radio hits, but nice craftsmanship, made with dedication. (3voor12/Breda)
"Multi-Panel has delivered a damn handsome, versatile and headstrong album here." (Subjectivisten)
"The musical accompaniment of, an exciting crime series." (Musicmaker)
"The music of Maas on this album is extremely accessible, quirky and versatile and fits in various settings." (MPodia)
"Twelve beautiful songs [...] Maas is vulnerable and gives you access to his musical universe." (Dark Entries)
What a BANGER. (Terminal Passage)