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1 May 2023
Workers day, so let's get an update out there. Good news (some might disagree...): I've been elected to the Dutch water authority for the Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals). That'll keep me busy for a couple of years. In the meantime I started making music with those thrift store samples I painstakingly gathered a couple of years ago. Cakewalk seems to be doing the trick! Very happy to be creating something new again. Old music is still doing welll too, surprisingly. I recently noticed the closing track of my debut album Alone in the Field, steinbeckian titled Night Stranded Drummers has gathered over 20.000 plays on Spotify. I 've truly have NO idea why, if you do please contact me.  For now let's call it a night and I'll leave you with my top 10 music albums of 2022.
  1. Florist - Florist
  2. Leikeli47 - Shape Up
  3. Craig Finn - A Legacy of Rentals
  4. Koffee  - Gifted
  5. Chat Pile  - God's Country
  6. Nilüfer Yanya - Painless
  7. The Future Sound of London – Rituals E7.001
  8. Ka - Languish Arts/Woeful Studies
  9. MJ Lenderman - Boat Songs
  10. Laura Veirs - Found Light
Kind regards,

2 June 2022
No news but old news - still good records though! My end of year list of last year.
  1. Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview of On Phenomenal Nature
  2. Matt Sweeney & Will Oldham - Superwolves
  3. Jim Lauderdale - Hope 
  4. Alan Vega - Mutator
  5. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson - Theory of Ice   
  6. Bicep - Isles 
  7. The Weather Station – Ignorance
  8. Yasmin Williams - Urban Driftwood 
  9. Laura Mvula - Pink Noise
  10. John Mayer – Sob Rock

10 August 2021
The digital ep I made with Mike "Stike" Steelman has seen the celestial light of day! It's called The Stars Misplaced, vol.1 - and you can stream & download it here. We had great fun making it, hope it shines a little light on you (and your day) too! (You can also stream it on Spotify, et cetera.)


29 december 2020
As promised, the end of year-update. In 2020 I spent time singing with Stike, maybe those songs will see the  light of day someday - maybe not. We definetely had fun, just like the old times (when we formed a group called Legion of Spunky). I also visited a lot of thrift stores scouting for samples. (The dream: a Solex-like record). As for Empty Handed, the great Terminal Passage-channel on YouTube was kind enough to put it on their 'playlist'. This generated a lot of views and quite some sales. Almost famous, once again. Other music worthy of your time:

  1. Killah Priest - Rocket to Nebula
  2. Laura Veirs - My Echo
  3. Brian Fellon - Local Honey
  4. Ka - Descendants of Cain
  5. Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death
  6. Westerman - Your Hero Is Not Dead
  7. Einstürzende Neubauten - Alles in Allem
  8. Boldy James & The Alchemist - The Price of Tea in China
  9. Spinvis -
  10. The Orb - Abolition of the Royal Familia
'til next time,

27 March 2020
A semi-year ago Empty Handed got its long awaited release. The times have been a-changin'... I've only got a couple cd's left. I expect the lasts copies to be gone in 2020, so if you want one, send me an e-mail. We can trade, I'll (and it'll) get you a good deal! If you want to support the excellent Bandcamp order your copy through here. In the meantime I've been making new music, I expect a new release around 2027. The next couple of years I'll be focusing on politics. Don't expect many news updates, but I'll keep posting my end of year lists, like this one:

  1. Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains
  2. Joan Shelley - Like the River Loves the Sea
  3. Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars
  4. Lloyd Cole - Guesswork
  5. Little Simz - Grey Area
  6. Oso Oso - Basking in the Glow
  7. Nickolas Mohanna - Smoke
  8. Placid Angles - First Blue Sky
  9. Lana del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell!
  10. Helado Negro - This Is How You Smile
stay safe,

27 October 2019
So it's been a month, and I'm getting used to the Insta fame now (thanks to Soundsol). The parties. The groupies. The selfies. People staring at me in the mall. Ok, ok. Seriously, the Filmhuis Breda Empty Handed album release party was a blast, I kept signing those records, and my signatures kept disappearing (in a buddhist kind of way). The sales have been going very decently. Thanks and muchos multipanelos gracias to all who bought it. The reviews have been positive too, you can check the press section for that, if you missed out on 'em on the frontpage. What else can I tell you? I am humbled. And here's the link again, so you can be humbled too. Maybe. Wink again.  I'll be back at the end of the year with an update.


12 August 2019
Yes! Finally. The long awaited - wink -  new album Empty Handed will be released at the end of september, the 27th to be precise! Rejoice and party.  Literally, 'cause' I will do a pseudo-dj-set in Filmhuis Breda. Save the date (yes that's the release date as well, 'coincidentally'). On the front page you saw a first glimpse of the artwork, created by the great Femke Dekkers. The album is mastered by Jarno 'Volmanza' Volman at Gold Soundz, one of my musical heroes (known for his Merry Pierce indierock project).  Next update more info, on everything.


26 April 2019

As promised, you'll finally have my top 10 of 2018 , right now. More importantly, artwork is being made for Empty Handed, and the album has been mastered! Yay! Next update I'll name famous names. Right now I can already tell my dear fans that this will be the first album since my official debut (Alone in the Field) that will be released on a proper cd.  Cool, huh?

  1. Viagra Boys - Street Worms
  2. Chantal Acda & Bill Frisell - Live at Jazz Middelheim
  3. John Bramwell - Leave Alone the Empty Spaces
  4. Bent van Looy - Yours Truly
  5. Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
  6. Francis Harris - Trivial Occupations
  7. Moodie Black - Lucas Acid
  8. L.B. Dub Corp - Side Effects
  9. Lump - Lump
  10. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - IC-01 Hanoi

6 December 2018
Wow, the Rekordgate-year has almost finished, but not without bringing in a nice surprise. Not only did Recent Music Heroes kindly review part III,  it also put parts I and III in their 'Best albums in 2018'-list. Next year I'll give you mine ;-)


17 September 2018
Voila! The third and final instalment of my Rekordgate-series is out now.  You can download it through Bandcamp, or listen to it on Spofity and all the other digital retailers. The full album Empty Handed will most likely get a release when it's autumn, in 2019!

Kind regards,

6 June 2018
Howdy!  The next instalment of the Rekordgate-series is there. Check it out here! It will also be available on Deezer, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify et cetera. In the meantime the first ep was reviewed very kindly by Recent Music Heroes (voila).  

Have a good one!

2 March 2018
O hi there! (You're still there.) Just a quick message to tell you I have a new EP out on... Bandcamp! It's called Rekordgate I and as the Roman digit implies, it's the first part (of a trilogy). I hope y'all enjoy it. You can download it (and read a little more about it) here.
As for the full album Empty Handed (title reveal!), it will be shelved for just a little longer. Remember, almost all great Multi-Panel albums have been shelved for years, before seeing the light of day, just like good ol' traditional wine. Which brings us to another tradizione. My end of year list. 
  1. Sam Baker – Land of Doubt
  2. The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding
  3. Spinvis – Trein Vuur Dageraad
  4. Dizzee Rascal – Raskit
  5. Jake Xerxes Fussell – What In The Natural World
  6. Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner, James McAlister – Planetarium
  7. Angelo De Augustine - Swim Inside The Moon
  8. Ibeyi - Ash
  9. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory
  10. Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog
See you later,

p.s. I did a remix for my fellow Breda-citizen Jeroen Timmermans. A master of guitar, with a David Sylvian-esque voice. 

23 August 2017
Ola. Couple of cool  news items to tell you. First of all I did my third remix for the excellent Gold Robot label. (Yes we're quite fond of each other!) On this occassion Niilo Smeds got the Ludovico treatment. It sounds like a folk pop drone in Multi-Panel stylo. Check it out here.
If you want to listen to a snippet of my new album, you can head over to Gated Canal Community Radio (in affiliation with the Front and Follow-label).
As for the new album, I hope to release it somewhere next year, either by myself, or on a label. We'll see about that. (You know the drill and so does Pierre Bourdieu!)
Oh, by the way, I'll conclude with a flashback to the past. I found this blog post. That's super sweet! Someone actually took the time to transcribe my uniquely flavoured English. (As Zea would say: I learned my English in the pitcoal mines) Alas, the YouTube link is down, but that weird lil' compilation track is still (and presumably until the end of time) available on Spotify.

Kind regards,

22 March 2017
I'll admit, it's been some time again, but... the new album is coming along quite nicely. Yes, I really said new album.
For now, I'll just post my top 10, best of 2016. Tradizione!
  1. Ryley Walker – Golden Sings That Have Been Sung
  2. Laura Mvula – The Dreaming Room
  3. Anderson .Paak – Malibu
  4. The Avalanches – Wildflower
  5. Alex Cameron – Jumping The Shark
  6. Rats on Rafts & De Kift – Rats on Rafts & De Kift
  7. Núria Graham - Bad Eyes
  8. Powell - Sport
  9. Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy – Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties
  10. Frankie Cosmos - Next Thing

30 March 2016
Yeah, well... my laptop died.  I am still playing though.  And dreamin' my dreams. 
(as per tradition, best of 2015)
  1. Happyness – Weird Little Birthday
  2. Surfer Blood – 1000 Palms
  3. Bop English – Constant Bop
  4. Jim O’Rourke – Simple Songs
  5. Bill Fay – Who Is The Sender?
  6. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – The Most Important Place In The World
  7. Future – DS2
  8. Badbadnotgood & Ghostface Killah – Sour Soul
  9. The Tallest Man On Earth - The Dark Bird Is Home
  10. Kenny B - Kenny B

11 March 2015
Woops! Time flies. Background Radiation had a very fruitful first hálf of 2014. We released another ep with folky ditties during the summer. (I am sure you saw it on the front page). Anyway, it's here. After that it was back to Multi-Panel, and things are cooking... Yes. It's slow food.  Gotta chew everything 25 times, right? For now, you can study my best of 2014 list.

  1. Avi Buffalo - At Best Cuckold
  2. Sam Amidon - Lily-O
  3. The Delines - Colfax
  4. The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream
  5. Oscar And The Wolf - Entity
  6. Eno • Hyde - High Life
  7. Hitsville Drunks - Sincerely Average
  8. Ja, Panik - Libertatia
  9. Hospitality - Trouble
  10. Hallo Venray - Show
Best regards,

11 May 2014
Hey all! 2014 has been a very fruitful Background Radiation year so far. Two new Bandcamp singles composed by Tim Dwyer and yours truly are out already and all ready, and we won't stop there! The second one found its way to the masses only yesterday. Spacetime/ Even Heaven samples a great percussion track by one of our heroes: Zammuto of The Books. He gave his kind approval to use it. If you somehow missed out on the first one, here's the link.  Even my mother liked that one, what about that, huh? (And it got OMC ramblin' about Kompakt, which is not too hard to do.) On the subject of social media. I joined that Zuckerberg project. I don't know why. But you can be my friend! Multi-Panel had been on Facebook for quite some time, thanks to a linguist in a pink blouse.


18 January 2014
Ok, not a hell of a lot happened in 2013, as you have probably noticed. Background Radiation's debut album got a cool review, and there was one last (the tenth!) piece about All It Takes as well.
Unfortunately No-Source (the netlabel run by my Bgrad bandmate Tim Dwyer) closed its doors. You can still browse around and download all of their wonderful releases though! Since life and study are taking up all of my time at the moment, I can't promise much for 2014. But don't worry, there's still music being made in these labs. We're just a little slow... For today, let's conclude with my best of 2013 list.
  1. Karl Hyde - Edgeland
  2. These New Puritans - Field Of Reeds
  3. Denison Witmer - Denison Witmer
  4. Phosphorescent - Muchacho
  5. Everything Everything - Arc
  6. Night Beds - Country Sleep
  7. Steve Mason - Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time
  8. Porcelain Raft - Permanent Signal
  9. Jon Hopkins - Immunity
  10. Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe

18 February 2013
Hi! I know you saw it on the frontpage, but I'll repeat it here and update this news post if any more news on the Bgrad front arrives. The debut full length album by Background Radiation is out now. Stream and download it at No-Source. Kudos to Spacedance for the awesome artwork. Hipsters and chillwavers will rejoice!


20 December 2012
Howdy! So this is the final update of 2012. Very interesting year, I'd say. The (presumably) last couple of All It Takes reviews are in. The Belgian website Kwadratuur published  an extensive piece, which I thought was very well-written, and was very happy with it, until I noticed the rating. (Wink. It's still well-written though.) MusicFrom seemed to ask a lot of questions, but also handed out some compliments, as well as good jokes. On the radio front I got an e-mail from Marca Branca that Try Me was played in their show, which is broadcasted through all kinds of Portuguese local channels, like (imagine a Manu Chao voice) rrrrradio Coímbra. Cool. Finally, one of the first to respond to the new album was follower of fashion Rebecca Deczynski, who asked if she could use These Days in one of her video diary blogs. Watch the result here. I thought that was very cool.
So, what about 2013? It will start with a new Background Radiation album, which will be released in february. I will update the front page accordingly when it arrives. There might also be a 'Bgrad'-ep later in the year. We worked pretty hard on those 2 releases the last couple of years, so I am quite proud. Multi-Panel-wise I've been quite inspired lately as well, lots of new sketches and ideas. I won't promise anything (too) soon though!
Let's conclude with that well known music nerd tradition, my best of 2012 list.
  1. Paul Buchanan - Mid Air
  2. Dots Will Echo -  Drunk Is The New Sober/Stupid Is The New Dumb
  3. Bart Constant - Tell Yourself Whatever You Have To
  4. Yevgueni - Welkenraedt
  5. Here We Go Magic - A Different Ship
  6. Field Music - Plumb
  7. Human Don't Be Angry - Human Don't Be Angry
  8. THEESatifaction - awE naturalE
  9. Hospital Bombers - At Budokan
  10. Quakers - Quakers

25 October 2012

Here we go again. Let's start with some (online) radio news this time. The local channel Stadsradio Breda introduced the new album to my hometown. It felt rejuvenating to be called a fresh talent after so many years. Wink. The program is called Locals United, and you can hear yours truly in the final broadcast of september right here.  JW from Caleidoscoop already wrote a great review, but he's been playing a whole bunch of All It Takes-tracks in his weekly monday evening show on Senzor Webradio on DFM.  Tune in here around 9pm CET. One more snippet of radio news, whilst googling I discovered that the island of Martha's Vineyard got their share of Multi-Panel when a show called Not The BBC (hehe) played a couple of tunes of the album on WVVY.  Don'tcha just love these old school radio stations. As Luc de Vos would say: "Veronica komt naar je toe deze zomer'. Well, autumn in this case...
Next up, reviews! LiveXS had two. Sort of. Their monthly magazine published an excerpt of their nice review in their Locals Only section. Check out the scan at the press page. They published their excellent  full version online here. The album has been doing well in Belgium, or so I'd like to think. Dark Entries wrote a very cool piece about it.  And to wrap up this post, Festivalinfo posted a review as well, which offered some criticism, as well as a positive conclusion. Hurray!

Until next time,

28 September 2012
Hi all! So it's been about ten (and not twenty) days since All It Takes was released, and here's the first instalment of a series in what happened with it. First of all I was pleantly surprised by the reactions I got following my 'spam offensive'. Shout outs  to Stefan Koopmanschap, Tyn, Todd Leiter-Weintraub, Mercurial aka Rock Hyrax,  and my Legion of Spunky bandmate 'Stike', to name just a few. So far the album has gathered about a handful of reviews, luckily mostly positive. Interestingly the 'old media' beat the 'online media' in speed, kudos to Vice and Musicmaker. Musicmaker was, let's say, 'nuanced', but Vice cracked some great jokes about my choice of clothing. Let's hope Zeeman (a cheap ass  shop...) sends me some sweaters, with hoodies preferably. I like to hide. My Subjectivisten colleague JW Broek was the first of the internetz to post a review, so cheers to him and his blog Caleidoscoop for that. Yesterday evening Belgians arrived at the scene, when Indiestyle posted a cool review. You can read all in the press section, if you missed out on 'em on the frontpage.
Back in the Alone in the Field-days Aad van Nieuwkerk (a VPRO radio guy) was one of the few cats who picked up my 'big' American release, which remained somewhat below the radar in my 'heimat'. This time around, Aad is still digging the sounds, and played a track on his Radio 6 show VPROJazzLive. Listen to it here, while I scratch my bebop beardie. Thanks Aad!
Finally the legendary outsider musician Naythen Wilson picked up my album through the Jandek mailing list and wrote this: 'Let me start by saying that I was pleasantly floored by this album. I downloaded it and couldn't believe what I heard. Ludo is a master craftsman at the level of Nick Drake. It sounds like it is equal parts Joy Division and Leo Kottke. I am so very proud of Ludo. EVERYONE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS! I have never heard an album put out by a Jandek fan that I like more. PLEASE listen, please listen.5 THUMBS UP!'
Ok, that's enough with the self congratulatory ramblin'. Until next time!


30 July 2012
Well, as you probably noticed on the front page, Multi-Panel's third album is finally seeing the light of day. My Background Radiation bandmate Tim Dwyer has created the beautiful artwork, and will release the album on his No-Source label. I will also make the album available via Bandcamp, with an “exclusive” bonus track. I've just finished prepping and sending the promos, so hopefully I will be able to post some reviews in the coming months. I will spam all of my beloved fans in september with the download links, so be prepared!
In the meantime No-Source has re-released Background Radiation's debut ep, including a bonus-track! Ch-ch-ch-check it out!


19 March 2012
Big Apz, news has been sparse indeed, and really, this update won't change that. Last year was pretty slow musicwise. Chopped away at a new Background Radiation release.  The new Multi-Panel album is no longer almost done, it's done. During 2011 I added some vocals and guitars and made other slight changes. In the meantime I went looking for a label, with only minor results. There might be a compilation spot and a remix for yours truly, sooner or later. I've decided to release the album online somewhere in the third quarter of this year. I might even start a Bandcamp page, who knows. I do intend to send a lot of promos around, to get my dear fans some stuff to read... For now, I'll just conclude with my best of 2011 list. Traditions!
  1. Wild Beasts - Smother
  2. Novack - Sequences & Stills
  3. Bon Iver - Bon Iver, Bon Iver
  4. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine
  5. Duffhuës – Among The Ruins
  6. Delicate Steve - Wondervisions
  7. The Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck
  8. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - Everything's Getting Older
  9. Dolorean - The Unfazed
  10. The Innocence Mission - My Room Is In The Trees

6 March 2011
Howdy all, been awhile. Finally some Multi-Panel news to tell you. The work on the new album is almost done, there's a couple of tracks that have different versions, thus are somewhat work in progress, but essentially, the only thing it really needs is a title. And a label. I've been sending out some tracks, have gotten some positive replies, but nothing materialized as of yet. I'll keep trying. I guess it's even harder to find a label than it was about 7 years ago when Unschooled released Alone in the Field. Don't worry,  it'll see the light of day one day. Multi-Panel has a habit of releasing albums years after completion anyway, right? You only have to remember the Train Times album that was released by No-Source after being shelved for years. It has got a nice review, in Estonian, of all languages. So cool! (There's a translation in the press section) Speaking of the Train Times-era, today the excellent No-Source released another Multi-Panel album (or, rather mini-album) with unreleased rarity-tracks from 2004-2006. It's called Retain Mist (it's an anagram people). Go check it out, it's free to download anyways! As a bonus there's n wonderful Full-Source remix, not to mention his beautiful abstract artwork. Rock The Forest once again features singer Pien Feith. Speaking of her, as I (and everyone else who heard her of course) predicted way back in 2004, she finally made it big time, with a new album (Dance On Time) and appearances on all the great stages and talkshows. Awesome! And while we're on the subject of great records, let's conclude with my best of 2010 list.
  1. Dave Rawlings Machine - A Friend Of A Friend
  2. Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People/The Age Of Adz
  3. Cherry Ghost - Beneath The Shoreline
  4. The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt
  5. Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - Pills And Ammo
  6. Laura Veirs - July Flame
  7. Nicolai Dunger - Play
  8. Sone Institute - Curious Memories
  9. Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo
  10. Badly Drawn Boy - Is There Nothing We Could Do?
Best regards,

13 September 2010
Remember that long lost and forgotten Train Times For Sway album? Well, it's finally available for the masses! My Background Radiation friend Tim Dwyer has released it on his excellent No-Source netlabel. (Check out Rho as well, for example) Here's the release page. In the meantime there's also new Background Radiation material in the making. Still chopping away at the first new material M-P album of this decade. I remember how in the old times I used to talk about songs all the time on my website. So, for example, yesterday I incorporated a processed guitar loop, sounding like a sitar in a new track/sketch, whatever you want to call it. Interesting, huh? More on that later, I guess.


17 February 2010
No news on the Multi-Panel front, but there's a new Background Radiation ep out. Hurray! Moot Point includes six brand new songs for your listening pleasure. Admire the beautiful Toronto front cover and download the mp3's (or zips including artwork) here. Whilst listening you can study my top 10 best records of 2009.
  1. Franz Nicolay - Major General
  2. Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem
  3. Dinosaur Jr. - Farm
  4. Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
  5. Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
  6. Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project
  7. Loney Dear - Dear John
  8. Tom Pintens - Winter Maakt Ons Vrolijk
  9. Jon Hopkins - Insides
  10. Dale Watson - The Truckin' Sessions Vol. 2

23 October 2009
As you can see we got a new design, folks. Done by yours truly. For seven long years my webmaster Marc, an all around great guy, maintained my website, but now I’ve taken over. Many, many thanks Marc, I salute you! To celebrate this new version I bought a domain. It’s been years since we had a proper one. I considered www.mltp.nl which I think is funny, but a little too confusing, so I went for the surprising Multi-Panel.nl. Has there been any news since february? About a year ago I talked about the Flesh Eating Foundation remix, I was one of the winners. FEF have released a mini-album called Purging containing eight tracks, with my melancholy remix being the final one, after a heavy industrial rock out. It got some reviews, so check out the huge new press section. (Don't forget to click the scans, which sometimes contain cute pictures) I see I hadn't talked about Tellaro yet. They had a remix contest as well and obviously I was one of the winners. (I wouldn't mention it otherwise!) I hadn't properly realized it, but it was held by 2nd Rec which is an amazing German label, semi-famous for releasing work by the excellent Nitrada. As a prize they sent me a box full of their records, which made my week. The Tellaro cd (containing original work and a couple of remixes) comes in two versions. There's a proper cd release with beautiful handmade artwork and there's a digital version which you can dowload for any donation you like.


4 February 2009

I've been remixing lots of stuff lately, so far one of 'em can be heard/downloaded online. I did another remix for the excellent Golden Robot Records, remember, I previously won their Meanest Man Contest-remix contest. Anyway, check out their homepage or you can click here for my Panther-remix. Also traditions should be honoured, here's my top 10 best records of 2008.
  1. Songdog - A Wretched Sinner's Song
  2. Gorki - Voor Rijpere Jeugd
  3. Wild Beasts - Limbo, Panto
  4. Guillemots - Red
  5. Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers
  6. Why? - Alopecia?
  7. The Felice Brothers - The Felice Brothers
  8. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Real Emotional Trash
  9. Randy Newman - Harps and Angels
  10. Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down - We Brave Bees Stings and All

23 October 2008
Howdy hey, time to summarize what happened with the new release, The Door. It's got 4 reviews. One in French, from the Netlabels Revue weblog, describing me as a German (!) but enjoying the simplicity/delicacy of the music. The ambient/electronica website Disquiet mentioned it twice, in a general review and once again returning to their favourite track, also called The Door. The German (!) weblog Vorspiel08 is extremely positive as well. 'Ein wahres wunderwerk!' Wow. Then there's Rommelhok, a website I actually write for myself (harhar) my colleague Stefan kindly gave it a 4 star-rating. In the meantime, my biggest UK fan has made a video for Show You Around (also on the above mentioned ep) The clip shows nostalgic beach footage, vintage style and I was obviously very honoured to contribute to the soundtrack. Test Tube is still going strong, but the Belgian collective Starving But Happy seems to have vanished, at least for the time being. I know you wouldn't want to miss hearing those [Napoleon Dynamite] SWEET[/nd] tunes, so I've zipped 'em and uploaded the lot to Rapidshare. Then there's all the remixes I did last year. Most of them have done really well. There's a big Canasta remix release out. A great band from Chicago, and yes it includes a remix of yours truly. Check it out! (And read a cool review on PopMatters) I also did a Meanest Man Contest remix, which actually won (!) the contest. It got released on an mp3-ep. Read all about it here. I also was one of the winners in a Flesh Eating Foundation contest. To be honest, I was a runner-up, but my remix will still appear on a compilation. I also won the Tira Misu contest, was featured on their MySpace page, but their entire page appears to be vanished now. Oh well. The Schall label had a better idea, they got so many cool remix entries, when they held a multi-track contest, they decided to release a huge download compilation. Yes, you guessed it, I am on it. Check it out here. Then there's the Background Radiation project, which finally found its way to the masses. Well.. There's a download release on the German netlabel Jog Shuttle. 6 folktronic-tracks on one ep called False Start. Read all about it (and download it!) here!

20 January 2008
Tiny update. The Door is out now on Test Tube, go check it out here, listen on your pc, Ipod, or burn it and print the front and back cover.

16 December 2007
Woah, another 9 months gone. In the mean time I tried to get my life back on track, but let's just talk about music here. As I announced last time, I've been looking for a netlabel and I actually found two. One in Belgium and one in Portugal. The Belgian one is called Starving But Happy (which is somewhat ironic) and they've just re-opened their website. They try to be a platform for good electronic music and you can listen to several song collections there, including a new Multi-Panel one simply titled M!
It contains 4 tracks, 3 from the Train Times-era and one with Pien Feith. You can either stream or download the release, so go check it out! The track featuring Pien is also released by her label Badmintone on a free to download compilation called 'A Fine Collection By Our Friends and Family: BMT Sampler pt.2'. I believe it's also released as a limited cdr. Here's the link.
Test Tube is the Portuguese label and they will release a 6-track Multi-Panel ep early next year, probably around february '08. More on that later.
The Background Radiation project is still going strong, we made a couple of cool tracks, during the first half of this year. One of them called Real Air To Use has found its place on an mp3-compilation titled Let's Talk About Muertepop # 2 released by the Italian netlabel Muertepop. You can find it on their net releases-page.. An ep might follow later.
I'll conclude with my traditional end of year-list. Enjoy!
  1. Loney, dear - Loney, Noir
  2. The National - Boxer
  3. Peter Case - Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John
  4. Rickard Jäverling - Two Times Five Lullaby
  5. Do The Undo - Do The Undo
  6. Merry Pierce - The Warm Aquarium
  7. Nick Lowe - At My Age
  8. Glenn Jones - Against Which The Sea Continually Beats...
  9. Asobi Seksu - Citrus
  10. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour
p.s. Oh, I forgot, the Multi-Panel.com address has finally expired!
Well, you must've noticed, if you'll made it here. Maybe I'll buy it myself one day, but for now it's Back.To/Multi-Panel and we'll pretend it's 1999.

2 March 2007
Well.. It's been such a long time, hard to get things going again. I mean my English.. It might be as bad as 2001, when this page came into existence. So bear with me. 2006 was a bad year, but complaining won't change anything. I'll concentrate on the music stuff.
First of all (semi-)dead labels. Unschooled hasn't been active since God knows when. Strange, they started with such enthusiasm and then just didn't communicate anymore. Quite unprofessional, if I may say so. Hence, Train Times For Sway won't see the daylight, you can send me an e-mail and I'll provide you with a link to the mp3's. (You could try Soulseek as well) One of the tracks on the album will be used by Dutch label Badmintone, on (for?) a compilation.. Soon. A netlabel called Belladonna was going to do a compilation too, one of the few tracks I made in 2006, was meant to be on it. But, indeed, Belladonna has gone into a long hiatus. What a pity. (They at least announced it) Luckily some releases do actually reach the public.
For example a Best Kept Secret split-tape called Some Valley by Easton & Grapes of Grain. Both are projects of Alexis Vos, he asked me to do an Easton remix, which I did.
Check out the discography and order that tape, not only for the remix, but on the b-side the legendary Pien Feith has a guest role. I collaborated with her on some Train Times tracks and also on a new song. I am trying to release these (relatively) fresh songs on a netlabel. Hopefully that will work out. Let me see, what else is new? Oh yes, IUMA is dead too, edit: no it isn't!,  so the songs page got totally useless, it has been updated though. Traditions are cool., so here's my Top 10: best albums of 2006.
  1. Midlake - The Trials Of Van Occupanther
  2. Guillemots - Through The Windowpane
  3. Loose Fur - Born Again In The USA
  4. Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche
  5. El Pino & The Volunteers - Molten City
  6. J Dilla - Donuts
  7. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
  8. The Hidden Cameras - Awoo
  9. Michael Andrews - Me And You And Everyone We Know OST
  10. Eef Barzelay - Bitter Honey
In 2006, I wrote a lot of stuff for my Dutch weblog The Gone Wait. De Subjectivisten honoured me for my work, declaring me Subjectivist of the Year. Hurray. It got mentioned in a free newspaper De Pers. Even though the Subs' spokesman could hardly remember my name! (Check page 10)
Pobsessie always manages to reach this reclusive fellow, so they asked me what I wanted for Christmas. (You! You! You!) Nah, I just gave them a list of cd's, which they printed in one of their magazines. If you're a local you might be able to find it somewhere.
There's a girl in a dress on the cover.
Ok that's it for now,
p.s. Ah, I forgot my fantastic Iron & Wine/Beastie Boys mash-up. For the time being this link should work.

11 January 2006
Happy New Year!
Sorry for the lack of updates but 2005 was a quiet year. Unschooled has been quiet too. So I can't tell when the new album will be released. I hope this year! Only news I can tell you right now is that I'm working on an Easton remix. It will be included on a new Easton ep, to be released in the summer.
Let me just tell you my favourite albums of 2005:
  1. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
  2. M Ward - Transistor Radio
  3. Chad Vangaalen - Infiniheart
  4. Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
  5. Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright
  6. Thomas Dybdahl - Stray Dogs
  7. Antony & The Johnsons - I Am a Bird Now
  8. Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy
  9. Andrew Bird - & The Mysterious Production of Eggs
  10. JW Roy - Laagstraat 443
P.s. In the latest issue of Pobsessie (#51) you can find a piece about "music & internet." And indeed they offered me the possibility to say a couple of things on the subject.

2 April 2005
Tiny update. Due to some narcistic googling I discovered that 747am (De Buis van Eustachius) radio played me in December. Nice.
I also found another review at Atomiclife.net. Also if you ever feel like trying to order Alone In The Field in the cd shop and they don't have it, maybe try to tell them the Upc barcode. (This is supposed to work like ISBN, but I am afraid it doesn't.)
The number for Alone in the Field = 880336000963
The best news is saved for last though. Multi-Panel is on a Jandek tribute! Other artists included on this compilation are Multi-Panel favourites such as the Okkervil River & the Mountain Goats. Jandek is an atonal folk hero.
The release can now be pre-ordered through the Summersteps records site and it's also added to the discography here.
p.s. The Pet Series including Multi-Panel was on 3voor12's luisterpaal for awhile. Cool.

20 January 2005
Just a small update.
My 25(!) copies of The Pet Series have arrived. Just sent me an e-mail and we'll negotiate something. (I am thinking of either trading it to something or you pay the shipping costs, simple.)
Last update I wrote: "glad I didn't mention his name" when talking about the mixing process for the new album. I thought that looked a bit harsh, I just meant that now I've avoided conversations like: "what I thought the famous .. was going to mix it?" and I had to say: No.. blabla. Ok?
Also last update I wrote about We4E, the Unschooled Asia compilation. I think it's an omen I didn't mention that Multi-Panel was going to be on it. Cause I won't! The mixing for the particular track that was going to be on it didn't arrive in time, apparently.. Oh well, there are STILL reasons to buy it though.
Also because of the new Unschooled site, the audio player is dead. So some things changed in the "songs" section.
PS. Well we also missed the deadline for the entire album, so now it will be a summer release..

7 January 2005
So I am officially too late right? Happy New Year anyway. Who cares. I got some news.. First the most important thing though. Ludo's top 10: best albums of 2004.
Here we go..
  1. Julie Doiron - Goodnight Nobody
  2. The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free
  3. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
  4. Jill Sobule - Underdog Victorious
  5. Pinback - Summer In Abaddon
  6. Kings Of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street
  7. Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days
  8. Madvillain - Madvillainy
  9. Karate - Pockets
  10. Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender
Obviously waaaay beyond qualification is Brian Wilson's Smile.
So. Multi-Panel news. I made 2 new remixes the past month or so. One of Oh No's Stomp That Shit. (Stones Throw hiphop) Not a very shining remix or anything. But if you hurry you might be able to have a laugh and listen to it here.
Second one was a lot better. A My Morning Jacket one. Go listen to it. (On the same page, do check the old time classic "The Lalala song". Back online thanks to Mr. Big Side Left.
Unschooled has a new website. It's a major improvement. It says Multi-Panel is going to do Dutch gigs in support of his new album.. Oh yes? I never said that. ;) Maybe I'll send robots. Just know you don't have to expect anything.
Better Unschooled news. They are going to release an Asia compilation, it will be called We4E. Don't know when it will be out, but I guess soon.
Also the long awaited Pet Series compilation is out now! Hurray hurray! Except nobody told me! I thought I was supposed to get some free copies.. :( *Shakes head in disbelief. Well, you can order it here. Or you can wait, who knows, I might get some copies after all and then I'll just give them away of course.
The new album is currently being mixed. Not by the famous person I talked about in the previous update. I am glad I didn't mention his name. If the mixing goes well the album will be out soon.. We'll see if we make the deadlines.
That's about it.

30 November 2004
I am lazy. Lazy Ludo. I have a feeling all I write has been typed before. I mean should I really say "it's time for an update again"? Anyway.. It is.
Some new reviews. One in Gonzo (though not in the magazine but online only), one in Grooves (unfortunately not very positive) and one in Pobsessie. I think the new Pobsessie will be online soon so the non-Breda-but-still-dutch readers can erm read it. It's a very positive review luckily. Also there was an interview in the same issue of that magazine.
So. Yes.. The new album is finished at least my part. It will be called "Train Times For Sway". (yes that title has been changed a few times in the process) The album will be mixed by a famous person. I'll tell you later, cause you never know. There are 2 additions in the discography, one remix Ep by Nokalypse which featured a remix by me. The other add was one for the holidays. Finally Unschooled has released their "A very Unschooled Christmas" compilation. It's very nice and my track has been picked by CMJ as one of the cd highlights.
So. I guess that's it. Hm. I also started a weblog. A bit late on the bandwagon, I know. It's in Dutch for obvious reasons. (Maybe I should spell "dutch?", see..)
Next time it's best of 2004 time. Till then.
P.s. Unschooled has teamed up with cdbaby.com for a super sale, you can get some of their releases, including mine for only 5 dollars! If you buy 3 cd's at once. Hmm sounds a bit complicated, anyway just head to cdbaby.com browse around in the 5 bucks section, click on mine.. and 2 other ones.. Then you'll be happy.

30 September 2004
Short update time. In the past month not that much things happened. The coolest thing was VPRO radio playing Alone in the Field in the middle of the night. The program is called L'Heure Bleue and you can relisten the broadcast, it's one hour of Multi-Panel music and it serves as an excellent introduction to the album. Click here. Also be sure to check the archive of that program, you can listen to Fennesz and Steve Reich as well. (Just to name a few)
Also I found one new review, it's mini, but it's to cool not to share. Read it here.
The new album is almost finished. I have good hopes it's finished in the next, say, 2 months. There's a great singer collaborating with me on it, her name is Pien and her music career will lift off soon I think.
That's all for now,
P.S. Another brilliant review at AngryApe.com(2009 update: got lost in their archives, so you'll have to take my word for it)

25 August 2004
Well hello again everybody. It's been a while. I hope everybody safely returned from the annual holiday trips. I did, the webmaster as well. So update time. Last month Multi-Panel still went strong on the charts. I believe staying for 6 weeks on the RPM charts, which is the electronic music chart. Highest ranking was 21, which I thought was very impressive. Too bad "we" missed the top 20 though. Next album will get there, I promise. There were 2 more reviews and 1 interview. The interview is some kind of joke, read it here. 2 excellent reviews though, one at a site I hadn't heard of yet, but it might be my favourite review. Read it here. Another very impressive one at one of my favourite sites, Kindamuzik.net, here. The cd is now for sale at lots of places, I'll give a list, please buy it! Amazon.com, Unschooled.com, Cdbaby.com, Neomod.com & Tower Records.
I hope it will be for sale at some Dutch places as well very soon. I'll keep you updated. But if you have a credit card, check those places, it's really not expensive especially since the dollar is not doing well. I believe that's it for now. Oh, I can tell you the new album is finally shaping. I am very glad with that, I haven't lost it! Hehe.

12 July 2004
As the webmaster is going to make an amazing trip at the other end of this continent, the website will not be updated until somewhere in August. In the meantime you'll just have to be patient, or google to find out how it's going with multi-panel's quest to fame. The past days not much happened, alas.. Though I saw that I was played at some radiostations in USA, of course.. And Breda Barst had a mention about the album being released, thanks!
Have an endless summer everyone,

7 July 2004
2 very cool reviews of the album. One by Allmusic.com and a very cool review by some kind of e-zine or website, I don't know, called Maelstrom. Check them out here & here.
Also the label informed me about the radio airplay, which is supposed to be good. For the insiders I am now at number 15 on the radio 200 ADD chart, and for comparison, Junkie XL only got at number 17 with his latest release. Sorry Tom!
Hopefully the nice reviews keep comin'.
p.s. Oh yes, also the Earplug zine picked me as one of their favourite records of the moment.

1 April 2004
Might not be the smartest thing to have an update on april fools day, but ok who cares. The album release is getting very near. I’ve heard the remixes, all are wonderful.. So exciting times. Also I’ve been making some new songs, using samples I recorded with my liveband violin player amongs other samples and guitars etc. Other news is that the guitarplayer Erik decided to quit, as he wanted to spent time on his solo songwriting. Very bad news of course as we had already spend a lot of time and had achieved interesting results.
Right now I am still looking for a new guitarplayer, but if I won’t find one soon, I’ll have to think about some different approach of the liveshows. I think you can expect a new site design in May. (Maybe June) Of course this new design will be based on the new artwork for Alone in the Field.

25 Februari 2004
Well well.. This is not going to be a long update cause there’s not much to tell but well, I figured it was time to do one again. The Alone in the field release will be in June, that’s the major news there is. I can tell you the artwork will be beautiful. (I’ve seen it) Also expect some nice remixes on it. (Quite big names, at least in my book) Also the Pobsessie reviewed that Thin Lizzy gig, Dutchies can check it in the press section. Non-Dutchies I can inform that they liked the gig, + they can adore the live picture also at the same section. Hm.. what else. Oh yes, the Breda Barst organisation didn’t select Multi-Panel for the local band competition to earn a place on the festival. They decided to go for some nice grunge bands instead. (..) Ok no problem of course, it’s a competition after all. The work on the new album is still going steady, I just obtained an Octaver pedal, might hear that thing in the new songs. I did have the first session with Shane, the drummer. He will be a good addition to the band, no doubt.
Is this it? Yes.

15 January 2004
Just a small update. The Thin Lizzy gig went smooth. I thought it was hilarious & fantastic. Erik wasn’t as glad as I with it, but still it was really funny. (Especially shocking the crowd of course) I hope there will be pictures soon.. There won’t be a recording of it, sorry. What you can is download the laptop versions of the songs. (So without vox, melodica or guitar) Only thing you need for it is Soulseek and then add LudwA to your list and browse the files. Last weekend I made 2 new songs, wow! Also the label will release the re-mastered and extended (with remixes) Alone in the Field this spring . They also designed a logo for me. You will see it soon.
It looks slick, t’will look good on t-shirts. Oh I did drop out of the music study at Amsterdam university. But I will have some jams with the drummer soon.
More on everything later,

16 December 2003
Holiday time. Finally.. I am quite tired. The university study is damn hard and actually there’s a big, big chance I will quit it. The Thin Lizzy concert at Mezz is a sure thing, be there! Do check the data page for all the details. That page is now used for the first time! Erik and I will perform 3 songs, one of them will be a mighty rock-out. I’ve been slowly working on some sketches, there are a lot of promising half-finished songs.
I hope I can finish a lot of them in the next few months. Also since it’s the end of the year again I’ll have some lists for you. The VPRO had their song of the year contest again, I voted for Calexico - Quattro, the Postal Service – Such Great Heights and R.E.M. – Bad Day. I must say that this year I wasn’t really charmed by the preselection they did. Anyway who cares, here’s a more important list, Ludo’s favourite albums of the year:
  1. Stephen Malkmus – Pig Lib
  2. Virginia Jetzt! – Wer hat Angst fur Virginia Jetzt!
  3. I am Kloot – I am kloot
  4. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
  5. Postal Service – Give Up
  6. Long Winters – When I Pretend to fall
  7. Arab Strap – Monday at the Hug & Pint
  8. Yann Tiersen – OST Good Bye Lenin!
  9. The Books – The Lemon of Pink
  10. Eels – Shootenanny!
All are recommended listening offcourse. Well this news update seems more like a weblog. More serious stuff.. I was selected by Atman as one of his favourite tracks in the big electronicscene Atman remix contest. I might get featured on a cd or something. I did another Atman remix, but I think that one isn’t selected, still you can check it in the songs section. Also in the end the Pobsessie interview with me was published in the november/december issue. Locals can look the thing up at the library or some shops but I’ve scanned the thing so everyone can read. Everyone? Nope only the Dutch because I was too bored to translate.
Finally the Electronicscene awards are there! Go vote! I am already nominated in the electronica genre, so you should definetely put your vote in for Multi-Panel there..
I think this was the last update of the year 2003. Somehow it wasn’t a year as good as 2002, if we talk about musical output. I did gain a record deal though and one thing that’s worth a lot to me was the start of Multi-Panel live.
I wish you all a great 2004 and remember one thing: Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down (Durante)

1 November 2003
A big sorry for the long update gap to all my dear fans.. I am just lazy I guess. Well August feels like 20 years ago. I am right now used to travelling day after day to Amsterdam and back, also you bet they learned me something. It’s really a tough study so far. I just suck at real music theory I think. The etnomusicology part of the study is very interesting though. As for Multi-Panel related news I made some songs/sketches. Actually yesterday for the first time in months I really got that great special feeling, I sometimes get, when making a new song. Still for the songwriting goes the same as for the news updating, nowadays i’ll make some kind of really lo-fi rough version of a track and after that I am too lazy to work on it. This new one gives me new hope though, I’ll hope i have the chance to finish it soon. Also Multi-Panel might play some Thin Lizzy covers in Mezz in January! I’ll tell you more about that later, right now I am still working on those covers and it’s not confirmed and blabla. Just wait and see, if me and Erik are going to perform a few Thin Lizzy things live, I’ll make sure I’ll post an update. Hyperdriver released his remix cd a month (or more) ago. I am on it, my track (mp3!)  is not so interesting but there are a lot of cool tracks on it, so check it out. (You can find a link in the discography section) Also I did a distorting remix of a Nokalypse track. You can download it in the songs section. I noticed I use a lot of distortion lately, I think it has something to do with my current state of mind and how I feel.. I guess this is all the news I have this time. Oh I believe the next issue of Pobsessie will contain the interview they did with me. So that will be december I guess.
p.s. For all the people visiting this page for the first time, after I got this record deal I had to remove a lot of good songs from the internet. Now I am worrying that you will listen to some of those crappy remixes and start thinking, this sucks! Still there's one quite ok song online.. It's called With your Missiles and it's at my Electronicscene page.

30 August 2003
Hello all,
Well I've been back from holiday for some time.. The label will soon(?) announce that I signed with them. In the meantime they sent me a laptop and other equipment. Very cool offcourse, except that I am too stupid to get it all working. But maybe I shouldn't hurry and be patient and one day I will have a great home studio. On the old equipment I just made a remix for the Atman remixworld contest, you can listen to it in the "songs" section. I made one more track this summer, also for the label as it will be released on a compilation. Just wait and see.
Monday university will start teaching me things about music. Let's hope they got something interesting to learn me. (I bet they will)
I guess that's it.. Damn that's not much.. Oh maybe it's nice to tell that I also had some more cool bandnights with Erik, the guitarplayer.
Cheers & Bye,

29 july 2003
Yesterday I signed a contract for a label. I am going on holiday tomorrow but I you will hear more after that, I am sure. Omi from the local magazine Pobsessie interviewed me yesterday, t'was fun. The locals can expect an article in the next issue of it.
Oh and I got tickets for Brian Wilson!
Au Revoir,

10 July 2003
I got an e-mail from the Sally Forth Records label.. They will release Mountains in the Distance on their Pet Series compilation. (It will either be on part 4 or 5) The compilation will be released in 2004. So have patience.. Due to all this I had to remove the download option for the track. Sorry.
See you,

2 July 2003
Lazy days.. That’s what life seems to be these days. One big holiday and after that university. In the meanwhile I have some interesting things to tell you. A few days ago I was contacted by a dutch label called Sally Forth Recordings, they had heard my track Mountains in the Distance on the FRET sampler and they wanted to hear more. It took some time but after all that appearance on the compilation got me some attention. So I sent a package with Alone in the Field, now waiting for their reply. Also I did a collaboration with Julies Moron
I also made 1 new track but I accidently deleted an important sample of it.. So it won’t be released on a cd, but you can download it and enjoy anyway. I deleted the sample after I uploaded the mp3. The last cool thing to tell you is that I produced a track for Roy S, a singer/songwriter from Breda. I added noises and stuff to one of his tracks. This track will appear on a split LP released by Wotnxt
Also I got a review in the local magazine Pobsessie. It was very kind, go read it in the press section.

29 May 2003
The interview was a lot of fun. The radio broadcast was fantastic and I got 9 minutes and 53 seconds attention! You can read a rough translation in the press section.. You can also stream or download the mp3 here.

26 May 2003
It’s been an exciting week. Not only did I have 7 exams in a week and a day, I also just gave an interview to a nationwide radio channel called Radio 4.
They will broadcast it tomorrow. I am going to record it and I’ll let Bas a musician I know from the internet also record it and he will make sure it comes online, so you all can listen to it, if you missed it. The program focuses on underground music and is called Blackbox. I sent them (Arno Peeters, the guy behind the program) an mp3 and then he asked for a cd.. So I sent Alone in the Field.
As I said I was very busy with exams so I only made 1 track in May. I called it None and it’s a desert trip.. Very tragical and sad, it's offcourse online at Electronicscene. It was remixed quite a few times and all remixes were really fine. The remixers were Fourier Wave Device (changing it in Bjork kind of IDM), HyperExMachina (lovely ambient) and finally Despaley who made a CrunchGlitZ version.
I also did a remix.. I had to release some anger.. so I distorted Justified’s drum and bass track “Hard Rock” into pure Noise, you can listen in the remix section. (mp3!)
I also updated the biography on the site.
Well.. I hope my exams tomorrow will go as well as the others.. and then finally some rest!

30 April 2003
Yesterday the FRET compilation arrived. It's pretty cool, especially the list of the people who also get a copy of the cd. (Barend & Van Dorp, Henk-Jan Smits, ANP!?!) My track on it is Mountains in the Distance, I should have mixed it a little louder. It''s really quiet on the cd compared to the other tracks. Oh well..
I traded a copy of AITF with LVR's boss André, who wrote about it on his log. You can read it in the press section. In the month april I made 1 song.. Itt's called My own past, as usual you can find the most recent tracks at Electronicscene. Productionwise it's really nice and I had a lot of praising comments from around the net. But in the second half of April I am suffering from a tiny writer's block.. Wait.. I did a little remix as well.. If you're lucky you can find it here.
My Ex-Remote-Control-bandmate Cas, now known as C.J. remixed Mountains in the Distance in some kind of glitch-lounge with some new excellent sounds.
I am affraid you can't find it online for now.. but rumours go he's building a website.. Expect it in 2012.
My final and last exams are coming.. That means I'm busy with school.
Only a few more weeks.. Then it's over. A new period in my life will start.
Remember that I was looking for some live band members? Well finally a guitarplayer called.. I am going to talk & jam with him in June I think.
That's it for now I guess..
Vive la Republique!,
p.s. Who the heck is Cody. O?

2 April 2003
The new FRET is out now and it contains a nice review of Alone in the Field.
Read it in the Press section and all the Dutch fans go get the FRET at your local cd shop, library, whatever!

26 March 2003
Hello friends,
Man.. I am pretty excited right now.. I just got an e-mail from FRET, the Dutch music magazine. They want to have Mountains in the Distance on their next compilation with promising Dutch acts. WOW! Now that’s cool.
And that’s just one cool thing. Another thing is that my electronicscene.com account is upgraded because I now work for them. So the whole Alone in the Field album is online for you to download, I have uploaded the artwork as well.
Last cool thing is that I started looking for people for a live act. So far I have found a drummer and a female singer, I still want to find a bassplayer and someone who is good at electric guitar, but it was already fantastic some people called me after I left a little poster at the local music school.
Weeks ago I got an e-mail from Tomlab. They didn’t want to do a release with me. That’s the only sad thing I have to tell you today.
My latest track right now is called "Near the Sea". I sing Estonian words in it and there’s also some Estonian spoken word in it by a fellow from..
Estonia! ;)
I am really happy with the track and I got some more tracks in the making.
Finally.. the weather is great!

15 February 2003
Hey chaps,
Got a few things to tell you.. In the last few weeks I made 2 new tracks, one combines all previous multi-panel elements into a real nice track, it's called Get a Fire Going, for the moment you can find it at Electronicscene. The track contains vocals, harmonica, melodica, acoustic & electric guitar. It rocks pretty hard. A total different track will be kept "forever" at my IUMA page. It's melodic noise, massive and strange. Like a weird waltz played on a manipulated organ.
Totally different news..
I got a note from FatCat records. I didn't expect any cause it's such a big label + i sent the demo a long time ago.. but I guess they find the time to reply with offcourse a short note telling this:

From :   
General <general@fat-cat.co.uk>
To :   
"'multi-panel@unschooled.com'" <multi-panel@unschooled.com>
Subject :   
Date :   
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:21:52 -0000

Hello Multi-Panel,

Just thought we'd write you a short note in response to the demo that you
recently sent us. We have checked it out in full, but unfortunately it's not
really the kind of material that we're looking to release at the moment.

We do wish you all the best and hope that you will manage to find an outlet
for your music elsewhere.

Good luck,

Dave T

Note that 10 February was my birthday! So that e-mail could have been the best present if it were just slightly different.. ;)
Last thing I wanted to say is that I sent a package to my friend Themis in Greece who wrote these wonderful lines about it:
"the multi-panel wonderful album. Even if I already had five out of the ten tracks/songs, the entire album is a whole new experience for me. Ten discrete emotional existences to keep me a pleasant, warm and solaceful company for my lonely times, while it is really moving. This is actually what it did about two and a half hours ago to me. Company. The melodies are so inocent and original and thw whole harmony in the songs is so musically blended with the characteristic voice of this so young but... so mature composer. I am really lucky and happy to have the chance to listen to this album and to the other non-album tracks of Ludo's. I want to tell you man a great THANK YOU for this gift you did to me! Your notes on the piece of paper will be kept forever in the CD box. THANK YOU Ludo!"
I almost forgot that I did 2 remixes as well.. One of them (mp3!)  is for a Hyperdriver remix compilation. A lot of people remixed his anthem I am Hyperdriver. I glitchified it. :) A way different remix was my stab at one of Mercurial's tracks.. He is one of the most talented cats around and I was really happy to remix his Clockwerk Centipedes. I turned it from experimental idm into energetic idm with me screaming "come on!, come on!". (mp3!) He returned the favour and remix The Old Times. Really crazy remix with lots of changes and a briljant lo-fi piano recorded at his grandmother's..
Talk to you later,

25 January 2003
Hey dear Multi-Panel fans! It's me again. I just wasted my time watching Idols on tv, a program where the music business has a contest.. Goal: changing kids into popstars. Result: people behind the program get RICH.
Kids that are first cool people are now turning into arrogant popstars with no emotions, they are not their(old)selves anymore.. Changing cool clothes into the stupid ueberhip ones.. It's a shame.. Really sad to see.. And fascinating at once..
Anyway.. Last time I told you that I sent 4 Alone in the Field copies to 4 labels. 2 reacted, both kindly replying no.. Alas..

From :
morr music <info@morrmusic.com>
To :
Subject :
Date :
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 14:35:24 +0100


we´ve received your demo and gave it a first listen. thank you for sending
it, but we´re not interested in releasing the music. please understand, i
suppose it simply doesn´t fit in our idea of the label.

all the best wishes



From :
"hobbyind" <hobbyind@www.hobbyind.com>

To :
"Ludo M" <multi-panel@unschooled.com>

Subject :
Re: hello mister knak

Date :
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 22:46:54 +0100

yes I have been away for the last weeks ... but when I got back the cd
was here :)
I have listend to it a few times and it's not something that I would want to
release .. sorry .... I have been thinking about what other label would be
up for your sounds, but I have still not fpund something I could
recommend you .. I'll be back if an idea pop's up


Yesterday I packaged some more Aitf's, this time trying one more label and the 2 magazines that I last year sent Plaion. So waiting for reactions/reviews again. If this label also replies no, then I still have 2 labels on the list. Those last 2 are from the Netherlands.. Maybe that will work. At the end of December I remixed a Second Thought track (mp3!), you can check it in the "songs" section. At the very beginning of January I made one new song.. Just playing around with piano samples, it's at my IUMA page.
As you notice not much going on actually.. Just very busy with school, reading books especially and practising my piano skills. (Schumann, Bach, Bartók..)
Hopefully next time some more and better news.
See you around,

14 December 2002
The end of the year is near.. I just re-read everything I wrote on the news page this year and I noticed a funny thing.. It's very unclear in those updates that this year was a VERY GOOD YEAR. You hear me? A VERY GOOD YEAR.
So now that's clear. This year I made my best album so far and I got so many positive reactions from everywhere.. Really great. I think I wrote like 10-15 songs this year + a couple of not very interesting remixes. But I think Alone in the Field contains 10 beautiful quality songs.
The past week was really an Alone in the Field week. Monday the package came that contained the high-quality wave files of Alone in the Field. T'was very kind of Captain Ahab to sent that to me. :) Thanks! Wednesday I went to a friend who also made the beautiful artwork and we burned 10 copies.
Thursday and Friday the artwork was print and also some new artwork was made because this time I also have sent cd's to labels and not only to friends.
The labels got a little demo with 3 songs (a day for war, mountains in the distance, the old times) I hope they like it and will ask for some more..
We'll see.. If they do and e-mail me or something I'll offcourse let you people know and will make another update this year.
Anyway you can see the final tracklist for Alone in the Field on the discography page.. You can see the front cover too there..

End of year list!

  1. Spinvis - Spinvis
  2. The Frames - For The Birds
  3. Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up On Me
  4. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  5. Damien Albarn & co. - Mali Music
  6. Obi - The Magic Land Of Radio
  7. Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi
  8. Gorki - Vooruitgang
  9. Lambchop - Is A Woman
  10. Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet

I wish you all a happy 2003.

26 November 2002
There were some people asking (!) when there was an update again.. They didn't knew I promised myself that I would make a new update only after the album would be really finished. Well it isn't it.. But almost! The artwork is really beautiful made by a friend of mine. The last track called the Old Times has just been uploaded to the net, it should have contained backing vocals by this girl I know but the dutch postal service screwed everything, because the packages never arrived (yet). Still the track is also really fine without those vocals. Edit: They did arrive in time for the final version. Go check it at my Electronicscene page.
While waiting on those packages which never came I made 3 new tracks and 1 remix. I remixed (mp3!) a quite famous indierock band called the Dismemberment Plan but I don't think I won their contest. The 3 new Multi-Panel tracks were all very easy going. Songs to listen to in the early morning. You surf around my IUMA page and search for Twisting (mp3!) (containing me playing the guitar using a letter-opener) fan favorite the Lalala song (mp3!) (with beats and vocals that go.. right) and Lights go off (very mellow and sad) Also the VPRO have their annual Song of the Year contest and my top 3 was:
1. Solomon Burke - Don't give up on me (that guy has SOUL)
2. Underworld - Two Months off (Dance the way it should be)
3. Blackalicious - Make you feel that way (mellow hip-hop, great rappers)
Somehow I don't have a lot to tell as you see.. Oh wait I need to give BIG props to Captain Ahab. not only does he make briljant electropop that even John Peel loves.. Also he's helping me a lot while letting me upload my high quality wave-files on his ftp and he's going to sent me a disc with those files soon so I can finally finish the cd. That will probably before the end of the year! Hurray!
That's it bis wiedersehen,

13 September 2002
Well.. It's already September, time goes fast, school has started again, it's back to business as usual.
In the summertime I burned the first version of Alone in the Field. Most of the songs sounded great, some of them needed some changes, at the moment the cd is almost finished. (I think I told you about this also in the previous update..) There is only one problem my cd burner is "kaput". I need to repair it, or maybe bring the pc to a repair-shop otherwise the cd will never be finished. (AARGH).
In August I wrote the last song for the new album, it's probably also going to be the last track on the album, it's actually a folk song, not much electronica, just me and the guitar. (It's called Night Stranded Drummers) There were a lot of new remixes the last months, which is always amusing.
Another song that I made during summer was remixed several times. The track is called "A day for War". It's a pretty depressive track. It was offcourse remixed by Hyperdriver, who is king of the Multi-Panel remix. He did a great job turning my sad quiet song into a real WAR track with a lot of anger. Also P9fm, Pistache & Chaos Trough Programming made a remix.
But the best remix was a very late remix of Mountains in the Distance, I must have uploaded the remixpack for that one months ago, but Permanent4 (the remixer) worked a long time on the remix. And you can hear that! He turned the song into a lounge song with a Fender Rhodes and Flutes, almost like the French band Air. You really need to check that remix.
There's not much more to tell.. As soon as I get the pc repaired I can finish the cd in week and sent the cd's around. (Labels, Magazines & Friends.)
Wait! I totally forgot that I got another review. The local magazine Pobsessie kindly reviewed Plaion, the reviewer seemed to enjoy the cd a lot. :) You can read the review in the "press" section.

22 July 2002
It's almost time to go on holiday, so I thought let's write another update before leaving this country for 3 weeks.
In June & July I managed to make two more tunes for the new album.
Tunes were called Travelling Places & Fondness. There is another one in the making which has a reggae influence, that one is called "The Old Times", but i am still waiting for the background vocals that someone is going to record for me. (Actually HAS recorded for me.. it's a complicated story.. Anyway I still don't have the files on my HD)
In the meantime I burned the 9 finished tracks on a disc, not all sounded good yet, but I expected that. I will spent most of my time in August on reworking the tracks until they sound great on everyone's hi-fi system.. ;)
A lot of people have remixed me lately. I uploaded a remixpack for Fondness, and that song was kindly remixed by Second Thought and Just John. Second Thought also remixed Travelling Places, which was already his third M-P remix!
The most original remix however was made by Captain Ahab. While he was travelling USA he managed to remix Mountains in the Distance, combining my electronica and singing with beats and illegal rap samples.
I think this was all I had to say this time.
Have a nice summer everyone,

2 June 2002
It's already June and Multi-Panel is still going strong! A lot of songs in the making so I think the new cd Alone in the Field will be finished before September/October.
Also I was for the second time track of the week at Electronicscene.com, that was really an honour. This time the featured track was Mountains in the Distance, which is definetely one of my best.
I also had made it available for remixing and a few artists did that.
Avalo returned the favour after I made 2 remixes for him. He made a great dubby remix. Secound Thought made a nice minimal remix. Hyperdriver destroyed it, but that's the job from this master of terrorcore. But the best remix was definetely by Send aka Sendy. He made one that really comes close to the magix of Aphex Twin's Windowlicker. (check it on YouTube)
But the best thing was the review in FRET. It was a really nice review, so that really made me blush. :)
All in all, May was a good month as you can see.

5 May 2002
After the last update I promised myself not to make another update until I finished Plaion. So you guess what's happened... The CD is finally finished. Actually it's already packaged and ready to be sent to FRET and Pobsessie (2 magazines) I hope they will give me some nice reviews.
So... Let me see... What happened further in March and April. I kept making new songs. The writersblock is over! And the newer songs are really good. Most of the new songs are based around looped guitar, but also some of them include vocals, cello and melodica. You just have to check my Electronicscene page to find the newest tracks. I will try to upload all of them soon at one page, but right now I am just rotating the freshest tracks on ES.
The working title for the new album is Alone in the Field by the way, which is also a track...
I also made another (mp3 of  earlier remix) Avalo remix. Probably one of my most easier tunes to listen to (mp3!)... Not experimental at all. Actually kinda loungey or something. Check that one out in the "songs" section.
My Legion of Spunky bandmate has uploaded a lot of our songs, so you can finally hear some L.o.S stuff, again at the songs section on this site.
I am really struggling to remember the other things I had to tell you... Well... I also started a new project with a guy named Bas Snabilie... Who also makes electronic music under the alias Lunar Embassy. Our project is called Chocolate Jesus, but it's still in the beginning phase, let's hope we have some songs for you next update.
Also I finally finished my "rock" track. It's based on my track RadiatorGroove, but now it's combined with Adrian Bond playing guitar and me singing a little. (mp3!) There are also some more remixes/collabs in the songs section. (everything interesting is there this time I guess...)
So... That's it for this time!

1 March 2002
Last week even some of my friends had noticed that there was no news update on this site since november. That's 3 months ago. Since i am ill today i have finally time to write something again. Have I been busy in those 3 months? I don't remember.. Let's see, I've made some remixes, to get rid of that irritating writer's block, the one I had since november. I made some ok remixes, and the last one was really good. That one is called Cellar Dwelling (mp3!), the original is a trip-hop kind of soundscape by the Opponent Process. All the remixes I have made can be checked out at the songs page. In January i finally managed to work on some original songs too. It all started when I made a rhytm on the radiator next to the pc and recorded it.
I made a groove out of it, but I felt the song wasn't finished. So Adrian Bond, a person I knew trough Electronicbboard.com recorded some guitar parts for it. At the moment i am still working on some lyrics & vocals to put in the track too. It is supposed to be a track sounding like New Order. While making this RadiatorGroove I got more and more inspired and recorded one of my best pieces ever, called Put-And-Take. It's really glitchy and I play guitar in it. It got lovely reactions from everywhere and I may continue recording some songs in that style. Actually even before Put-And-Take I started working on another track. It's called Wonderwood and Adrian is at the moment recording some guitar parts for that one too. It's already pretty good now so you might want to check out this version too.
Let's see there was more to tell.. Yes, I got another review from Godsofmusic.com, unfortunately again the reviewer didn't really like the track, Poisoned Raindrops got a 5.70. But the review was well-written so I couldn't whine about that this time. There was some good news. A guy named Vido Liber, who has a nice website containing concert & musicreviews, mentioned me in a small article on the site. The article was about Dutch bands influenced by Autechre. You can check it out in the press section. (It's in Dutch though..) Still that was pretty cool.
Also I might be on a compilation released by "de Nieuwe Veste", which is the local school were they teach all kind of instruments. They're releasing a compilation there with music by kids who make music with keyboards and/or pc. I don't know when it's going to be released, so let's just wait and see.
Also the art for Plaion is almost finished. The front is finished, you can see that on the discography page, so it's really almost time now to sent some demos to local magazines.
Oh.. About Put-and-Take, some people remixed it! That was cool! The first time other people remixed my music. At the moment there are 2 remixed. One is a very distorted and hectic remix by Hyperdriver. My LoS bandmate Mike made a short but very groovy remix too. Check those out on the songs page too.
Let me think.. That's all I guess. I hope the next update will not be in May..
See ya later,
p.s. There's also a new Biography, did you see that? And watch out for a totally new links section soon.
p.s. 2 If you go to the Songs page you might see some more new songs that I haven't told you about before. Those are some oldies, or just not really interesting. :)
Except one though, My Eyes is going to be on a compilation containing 80 songs, all 80 seconds or less in a continous mix. I wonder when that compilation is going to be finished.. It's made by the excellent Drum 'n Bass master Sporophyte.

17 November 2001
I know I had forgot something yesterday. As always the VPRO is organizing their 'song of the year' contest. Since I love making 'best-of' lists and all these kinda things, I offcourse voted on the tracks I thought are the best of 2001. My top 3 was:
1) The Avalanches - Since I Left You
2) Mercury Rev - Nite And Fog
3) Fennesz - Endless Summer
You should vote too! Especially if you are from the Netherlands.
Click here to go to VPRO's music site, you should have no problems finding where to vote.
Also yesterday me and a friend  made an Eels Top 10. Eels is our favourite band and you can sent your top 10's to Dutch 'Teletekst' (TV-Text).
  1. Grace Kelly Blues
  2. Not Ready Yet
  3. P.S. You Rocked My World
  4. Beautiful Freak
  5. Manchester Girl
  6. Medication Is Wearing Off
  7. Climbing Up To The Moon
  8. That's Not Really Funny
  9. Looking Out The Window
  10. Novocaine For The Soul
What you say? This has nothing to do with Multi-Panel. Shut Up! Multi-Panel is Ludo, you know..
All have a nice weekend,

16 November 2001
Already some weeks ago I thought there had to be another news item because the last one seemed months ago. The point is in my mind not much happened.
But actually there is! Plaion is finished! Finally. I am in the last phase of making it now. Converting all my songs to high quality wave-files and then burn them on a cd 'et voíla' finished!
I think I can be proud on this record. I still need to work on the art of the record. Or find someone who can make it for me though...
There are 2 new songs that are on the demo that you haven't heard already.
"Myxomatosis" (mp3!)  and "Poisoned Raindrops" (mp3!). Both are really good tracks, the first one contains me singing and the other one is a long electronic trip with strange beats, noises, spoken word and melody.
On the CD are going to be 10 tracks and one bonustrack. You can listen to all of them on several internet sites.
"So what's next?" you say. Well, I think I will send the CD to some record companies. I need to think which one...
And of course sending and giving the cd to many friends. I promised so many people a copy of it. It will cost me at LOT of money. And it's almost Sinterklaas (that's the Dutch Santa. Hhehe; in other words, I need to buy gifts for some people...)
I am feeling very happy at the moment. 2001 was a very good year. I know it's not finished yet but it feels finished. 2001 was Plaion-Year.
Ok... I don't know what else to say actually. And when I started writing I know there was a lot to say...
Oh yes, I remember again. Months ago I remixed several tracks starting with a Spoken Word poem by Dutch poets and then adding Multi-Panel-esque sounds.
It was a very cool project finished a long time ago and actually I had totally forgotten it. But the results are online here.
I think that's all I got to say this time,

8 October 2001
I thought it was time for an update again. Not that there happened so much lately. Just finishing songs and remixes and more songs..
Also it's almost holiday! Yeah! And yes I need it. Hehe.
Well. Enough blabla.. The music.
First I remixed a jam by the band Icons of the Apocalypse. (What a name these days..)
I think it's a pretty cool remix (mp3!), with a Simpsons sample and it rocks (literally, because IOTA is a rockband).
Then I finished "first versions" of some of my own songs, and I uploaded the best song in months.
- Lucifer (very long, a work in progress, with a nice bass and very cool sounds) (mp3!)
- Ballad for the Dying (ambient, with me singing trough effects) (mp3!)
And finally a song called Under High Trees/0, this one really suprised me, it's GREAT! Just listen to it! :) (mp3!)
You can check all these songs in the songs section as usual..
Hm.. What else?
Oh Yeah, I got another review at the Godsofmusic.com, I submitted the track Chant For Milk for a review and they gave it a 5.50.
Too bad. It was a rather short review and the writer kept misspelling the german band Einsturzende Neubauten, he was comparing me with that band (which is a compliment).
Well. More luck next time. I still like the track myself though. :P
Then I heard from some people that there were problems downloading and streaming the tracks at the "songs" section of this site.
It's an old and unsolvable problem, because the tracks are not on this site but are linked from other sites and some of these sites want your e-mail address etc. before you can stream.
This is the reason that I thought let's make another section at the site. If you click on "Links" you will now get the choice of:
- Multi-Panel online

- Other links
So you can see the sites where Multi-Panel has songs and click on them so you can stream there if it's not working here.
Hope I was clear? Hehe.
I think I've said anything I wanted to say..

19 September 2001
Last week was a horrible week. First I was ill for the whole week. :(
And then tuesday my father was watching tv and he said: "a plane hit the WTC". I said: "what?" So we watched the news and a few minutes later another one hit the building.
It was shocking. Especially when also the Pentagon was hit. And the Twin Towers both collapsed.
It's really terrible that all this is possible in today's world.
It's hard to say something about all this. But I hope they will arrest the people who did this. (the people behind this action) (edit: define 'arresting')
And may the victims rest in peace.
Is there any news about Multi-Panel, the music?
Well still working on a lot of tracks. But I uploaded a first version of a new track called "industries". It's a nice ambient kinda track with no real beats but filled with all kinda Industrial noises. There's also a Piano melody and a synth in it. Go listen to it at the "songs" page. (mp3!)
Also I remixed a track (mp3!) originally by Todd Leiter-Weintraub.
He's a very nice guy making acoustic guitar pop.
You can find the remix at the "songs" page. And when you go to the "links" section you can click on a link to Todd's homepage.
Well that's it I guess.
Oh! My father did buy the Bjork cd and it's really good. :)

27 August 2001
It's been some weeks since the last newsitem, main reasons were that school has started again (..), my webmaster got lost and was found at the Lowlands festival, and I was and I still am working on many new songs, remixes, projects, etc.
Still had the time to set up a IUMA page where i will be uploading Plaion songs at a very high bitrate as a back-up. Go there, or to the "songs" section at this site to listen to some very FRESH tracks.
I think the Plaion sessions will result in 10-20 songs and 10 will be featured on the new demo which will be called ..., right!
I think the new demo will be finished before the end of this year.
Hmm.. anything else to say. Hmm.. Not really actually. O yes! The new Bjork cd is into shops today, I sure hope my father bought it. Because I am totally out of cash... And he's a Bjork fan also..
You're out of cash Ludo?
Yes,I bought a guitar a few weeks ago and started playing on it but it sure was expensive!
I used the guitar in a new song called "Neue Welle".
In the future I will use it more and more I think.
Ok. Have a good time all,

4 August 2001
I returned from France, had a good time there. I am in a good mood so lots of inspiration for my music!
I finished Spunk14 before going to France, still working on Spunk13. (Actually Legion of Spunky has a break for a couple of days/weeks)
So now I have time to work on the Plaion demo. 2 songs for the new cd are already finished. (Satellite and DgtlMrdr) But still working on a few others.
Working titles:
-Kids in the House (check an other newsitem with details about this one.)
-Weinkopf (Named after my sister's hampster which died while we were in France.)
-Montalliou (Started working on this one yesterday.)
-Opi-a(-te) (This one is almost finished.)
That's all for now.
Au revoir,

9 July 2001
Well not much news just 2 things. First I am going to France for 3 weeks in 2 days.
So don't expect any replies to your messages in that time.
Also I got a letter from the NPS. I sent them a cd in December 2000 because they wanted to make a program about the so called "hometapers".
Too bad in that letter they say that the quality of all the cd's they got wasn't good enough to make a 4 hour program about, that means no nationalwide broadcast for me... :(
O well.. It will come later I hope. :D
Have a nice summer everyone.
Best regards,

1 July 2001
Hey People,
Finally I found someone who wanted to make a site for me. You are watching the result now. It's great that Marc did it and he did it very well so he deserves an applause now.
Ok that was quite good, I think he's happy with that.
As you see a lot of sections, you can download tracks, stream them with realplayer, sign the guestbook etc. etc.
At the moment I am busy working on a few new songs: Spunk13, Spunk14 and Kids in the House.
Spunk13 and Spunk14 are 2 new tracks for the new Legion of Spunky album.
Kids in the House is a new Multi-Panel track, it started with a Reggae beat but it's turning out in some kind of wicked Kid606 track with a lovely melody.
See you all later,